Lazy Daze

There is one thing which seems to go along with any vacation or weekend away especially in the hot days of summer. At some point, the nearest ice cream parlor is hunted down when the sun beats down from above. Temporary respite is given from the sun in the guise of cold tongues, frozen headaches, and sticky fingers. However, the true measure of a cone’s attraction is its strength when the temperatures are on the lower end of the mercury scale.

I know most places that sell ice cream have a myriad selection of flavor, size, number of scoops, cone type, and toppings. It can sometimes intimidate as the list of names which tempt your taste buds get longer. These shops are found all over the towns around the Smokies from Cherokee and Deep Creek over to Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Maryville and Townsend.

In my opinion, a simpler approach is often the best remedy. Return to the basics, make it soft serve, and I know just the place. Lazy Daze Campground is a small RV campground located on the banks of the river in Townsend. To answer your next question, NO they did not coerce or otherwise entreat me to include this within these pages. In fact, they have no knowledge they are even mentioned until someone tells them or they read it themselves.

It is the small town service and great soft serve ice cream that brings us to the campground store year after year. The choices are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or swirl in a cup, sugar cone or waffle cone. There is no rocket science involved or a question if a certain flavor would actually taste good. Sure, there are other ice cream stores in the area and it might seem a long way from Cades Cove especially when it’s available right there by the Cove amphitheater, but the affordable sizes make it worth the extra drive.

Besides, you would not have seen that bear along the Little River Road if you had not been on your way to Townsend for ice cream.

Right ?

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