Table of Contents

The Loop Road
The Goose
The Cave
Skunk Hill
Get OUT of the Car !!!
It’s a Bear !!
Skunks are SO Cute !
“Stuff” and Other Stuff
Little Greenbrier Spelling Bee
Snow on the Mountains
Mt. LeConte
First Trip to the Smokies
Cataloochee Cove
Chimney Tops Boulder Jumping
Skunks “Tree” Their Prey ?
I guess he had to go too !!
Wild Boar
The Wedding Tree
Bears Do It
The Charge
The Cubs’ Mother
Splashing Through Abrams Creek
Abrams Falls
The Swimming Hole
Baby Skunk
“Keystone Raccoons”
‘Cross the Cove
“Is that the best … “
Of Wolves & Men
Nocturnal Aviators
Lazy Daze
The Rock
Cemetery Search

Return to Under the Smoke