Bringing Home the Loss

If you’re a parent, it all starts pretty much the same,
A bright hospital, hours of sweat, pain, and strain,
Some natural labor, some with complications.
Mom and baby come home a few days later,
To a family that has waited for this moment for months,
Thankful that both are healthy and safe.
We’re in an age, where unlike our own first moments,
Many homecomings are captured on video.
Pictures are taken, toasts to the family made,
Maybe a dinner cooked by the new grandmother.
Then quiet returns as they bid adieu,
Leaving Mom & Dad alone to wonder at their creation.

Well, it isn’t long before that little one is crawling,
Oh, we learn the hard way as parents do,
Cups are dumped – dustcatchers broken.
Everything reachable surely must be edible,
Or atleast fair game for a curious taste.
I remember wondering as that little tike ate,
Just how much food can be absorbed through the skin.
Late nights, high temperatures or just not sleepy,
Taking turns walking or rocking and singing to sleep.
Soon wobbly knees take the curious hands higher,
Shelves rearranged, child locks installed – again.
Look out kitty, the kid is mobile !

Terrible twos, trying threes, and fearsome fours,
Imposing names, yet only adjectives for growing pains.
Stumbles turn to walks and walks to a run,
Their smile and their laugh, contagious and free,
Keeps you smiling on even your worst work day.
So bright and inquistive, why this and why that,
Really too young to help much, they indeed love trying,
Hey, after they help with dishes, we can mop the floor.
They’re logic is amazing, and what’s scary is at times makes sense,
Working out their thought processes is humurous to see.
They welcome you each day with glowing eyes and open arms,
The love they feel apparent as their arms hug you tight.

We all remember their first day of school,
Hands clasped tight down the hall to their room.
You try so hard to hide your tears,
They’re trying too to be that big boy or girl.
Each day becomes easier, each year adds more,
They grow in knowledge and stature as well.
Extra activities begin to consume,
The parent’s taxi service hits high gear.
There are practices, ballgames, doctor appointments too.
Forming opinions and becoming their own person,
Wild clothes and music, new words and phrases,
This stage was one of the hardest, they just don’t know.

During this passage to the teen years it seems,
Parent’s are struck dumb, ‘cause the kids know it all.
School dances and football games, parties and driving,
This is their world, their first taste of life.
Questions of futures arise in their minds,
Thinking about college or just having fun.
This is where the similarities between us part,
Be thankful, if not for a different place or time,
It could’ve been yours instead of mine.
You see, in a moment of sheer horror and forlorn dismay,
My child……………God, give us strength………..
Our baby died in a place known as


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