Does Love Transcend Death ?

Does love transcend death ?
Do the emotions die with the outward body
Never to be experienced again by loved ones left behind ?
I say it does exist beyond death…
For if my time on this earth should abruptly end,
Or my life in fact runs its due course,
Know that when I am gone this love still lives.
I’ll be there with you, though maybe not seen,
Yet felt, but not known to be.
For if tears stream down your face,
I’ll be there as a comfort and warmth.
A soft breeze on your cheek is my breath as I whisper your name,
The gurgling of a stream my laughter
From happy times together.
An unknown tangle from my fingers through your hair,
A calmness and contentedness while I hold you as you sleep.
When things get rough and you think you’re all alone,
I’ll be there beside you guarding your way…

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