Each Day

Crickets chirping in the early darkness,
Across the horizon, an inkling of morning,
Slowly, nature’s paintbrush brings the dawn,
First, soft hues of blue – even gray,
A splash of cream, brighter still,
The owl silently glides back toward its roost,
Songbirds begin to flap the dew from their wings.
With a broad sweep of the brush,
Shades of orange and red splash across the sky,
Small clouds illuminated and shadowed like icebergs.
A single ray of bright orange beams out from the mountaintop,
Scanning the fields and forests.
Ever so slowly, the sun crests the mountains,
Bathing the world with its glow,
Reflecting from a myriad of sparkling dew drops.
This is a magical time of day, when night gives way.
As the sun brings its brightness and warmth,
So do you as well in my heart each day.

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