Long Journey Home

I’ve been off at war for a long time now,
And seen things I’d rather not have seen,
But the thought which kept me going,
Was coming home to you.

Through long marches and fields of smoke,
You lived in my mind giving me hope,
I was felled in a cornfield where I fought,
And your beautiful face carried me on.

My prayers have now been answered,
To come home I’ve been given leave,
Though not to death, a wound I now carry,
For me the war is over, the roads now lead to you.

It’s been a long journey down lonely roads,
Too numerous to remember each one,
I cross the ridge and in the distance it lies,
The sight of my homestead fills my heart with joy.

My pace quickens, anticipation greatens,
Soon to be there amongst familiar walls and places,
Cherishing each breath and the sound of your voice,
The softness of your hair and smile upon your face.

Dropping my gear on the porch, I call out,
Just crossing the threshold warms my heart,
Walking through the house, room to room,
Looking for my love, calling your name.

Stepping out on the porch, I look around,
On the hill behind the house, I see you standing there,
Silent and still, hair blowing in the wind,
Not sure if you heard me or saw me just yet.
I sighed, I’m really home !

As I approach, you fall to your knees with a cry,
Sobs shake your body as you cover your face,
Surely these tears are for happiness sake,
Overcome at the sight of me whole and strong,

I kneel beside you to comfort and love,
You raise your face and look sorrowfully away,
I follow your saddened gaze to the shade beneath the tree,
My breath stops at the sight of the stone
And suddenly I know………….
I’m already home….

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