The Seed

A seed leaves its tree,
Born by the wind, water, or bird,
Where it falls,
Undetermined, possibilities endless,
At the right moment, unexpected,
Favorable conditions and it takes root.
Slowly at first, carefully feeling its way,
Given warmth and water,
Its growth becomes quicker,
Pushing through, fighting its way out,
It breaks through the ground to air above,
The seedling unfolds, basking in newness.
As time goes on, it reaches ever higher,
Strengthening with each day, becoming fuller,
Reaching toward the sun, the warmth,
Becoming stronger against the winds of nature,
Deeper and deeper its life’s roots reach in the earth,
Firm foundation for the trials yet to come.
The growth begins to slow,
Yet the strengthening continues,
Ever stronger, ever deeper with each passing day,
As the tree will continue in this way for years,
Until reclaimed by the soil from which it began,
So will my love for you continue to grow,
‘Till not a breath remains to whisper your name…

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